I had a great Summer!  I was able to get my studio painted and it looks fabulous. I also did a lot of on line training to help make learning the piano even more exciting.

The school year is about to begin and I am so excited to get started.  For those interested here is just a short summary of what I do in my studio.  

The lessons last an hour.  For half of that time the student is at the piano going over old songs and learning new ones, working on rhythms and scales. During the second half of the lesson students will go to the piano studio to work on theory, compositions, rhythm, scales and songs.  This time helps the students strengthen skills usually left for granted if assigned as homework.  

There are 3 classes each month then for the 4th lesson we have a Master Class. Once a month we meet for Master Class where the students perform for each other, play theory games and learn some improv.  At the end of Master Class the students get to spend piano dollars ( that they earned for practicing) on cool stuff!

I also teach preschool piano for ages 3-5.  These lessons are group lessons and they last 45 min.  If you ask me this is the best age to start!  I make the learning more like playing with friends.  

I also teach adults.

If this sounds like a studio you would be interested in, get in contact with me by clicking the link to the left.  
Hope to hear from you soon!

Ms. Susan


Petters Piano Studio has a Facebook page where I will be posting pictures of our events.  Come take a look and like us.  The group is titled Petters Piano Studio.